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Walking with New Immigrants 


A 法律和移民服務

• 由註冊律師提供免費諮詢服務。角聲的律師諮詢團是一隊由註冊律師組成的義工團隊,為需要人士提供義務性服務。例如移民、房屋計劃、家庭、房地產、民事/刑事訴訟、商業等。

• 舉辦一系列關於新移民適應新生活所應該認識的講座。我們將每月會組織一次“新移民歡迎會”活動,目的是提供剛到美國的移民、學生、家庭等有關在美定居的法律項目的一般性輔導。我們也會特別舉行一些介紹關於合法移民和入籍法例的講座。

• 出版入籍手冊-提供給符合資格的申請人按步提交入籍申請。另外,我們也會開設英文輔導班給計劃入籍的人, 100題的學習、模擬面試、CD等讓申請者理解一些移民專用名詞,也有一對一的練習。

• 推動入籍新公民登記做選民,提高他們的公民意識和在社區、投票選舉事務的參與性。


• 定期舉辦講座和輔導服務讓新移民知道政府提供的相關福利和服務。例如:所得稅報稅、醫療保險、能源保障計劃、糧食券/WIC、住院、SBA創業貸款等

• 協助有資格申請各項福利的申請人填表、翻譯或口譯所需文件。

• 開設不同程度“英文為第二語言”的英文班,幫助提高移民的英文溝通能力。

• 為新移民提供其他訓練課程。例如如何使用網絡、iPad、電腦、親子輔導、產前輔導課程。

• 提供文化藝術課程給不同年齡段的人士。例如音樂、舞蹈、繪畫、唱歌、運動

• 提供免費“家庭適應”服務,青少年及精神健康輔導服務、這些服務都是由註冊心理醫生、精神健康治療師、青少年輔導員提供,此外還有癌症支援小組。

• 為長者需要而成立的“金齡學院”讓長者可在此參與定期的社交和教育活動,還有最近開辦的Silver Sneakers健康俱樂部。


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Service Components-

Part I. Legal & Immigration Services

• Provide free consultations conducted by licensed attorneys on a pro bono basis if need. CCHC Legal Clinic has a team of licensed attorneys who volunteer their time to offer consultations to clients in various areas, such as Immigration, Estate Planning, Family, Real Estate, Civil/Criminal Proceedings, Business…etc.

• Conduct series of workshops pertaining to topics new immigrants should be aware of in their process of adjustment. “Welcoming new Immigrants”, a monthly gathering is organized to give a general orientation to any newly arrived immigrants, foreign students, and families of all ages about relevant legal subjects of living in the United States. In particular, workshops and seminars will be organized to introduce legal immigration and naturalization regulations.

• Publish a Naturalization Handbook to provide eligible applicants step by step instructions to file for naturalization application. In addition, we also provide English classes for Naturalization, tutoring, 100 questions review and practice, mock interviews, audio CD to understand special immigration terminology, and person to person practice sessions.

• Promote Voter Registration among newly naturalized citizens to enhance civic awareness and participation in social and political affairs.

Part II. Immigrant Orientation

• Conduct regular workshop and consultation series to familiarize new immigrants with all government related benefits and services, such as Income tax return filing, Medicaid/Medicare, Energy Assistance Program, Food Stamp/WIC, Hospices, SBA Loan Program, Immigration Policies…etc.

• Assist qualifying applicants in applying for the above benefits by completing forms, translating documents and verbal interpretation.

• Provide ESL classes in different levels to help improve immigrant’s ability to communicate.

• Offer other training curriculum like using Internet, iPad, Computer, Parenting, Pre-natal Class for new immigrants.

• Offer Cultural Programs for different age groups in Music/Dance, painting, singing and sports.

• Provide free family adjustment, youth and mental health counseling services conducted by licensed psychologist, mental health practitioner and youth counselors, as well as organizing Cancer Support Group.

• Take care of the needs of seniors by forming a Golden Age Study Center where seniors can seek assistance and participate in regular social and educational activities, including the latest Silver Sneaker health club.

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